NEW STOCK Ajwa Dates - Kurma Madinah ( Jumbo ) 500g - 1kg
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Size (L x W x H) 15 cm x 20 cm x 15 cm
Ajwa is one of the types of dates in which Medina was known in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and it has received wide fame as it was mentioned in the Prophets year. It has two types: Al-Taweel (Abu Draa) and Al-Muddarmah (Al-Mudawwar) and its color tends to black. In 2016, Thebes University established the first chair specialized in researching the citys Ajwa.Ajwa passes frequently among the people of the city since the prophetic era is transmitted by the generations, as the Samadhi historian of the city 500 years ago said: The Ajwa is still known in the city and the successor influences it from the predecessors, knowing it by the big and small knowing it does not accept skepticism, and that its farms are inherited among its people until today, It was also mentioned in the hadith of the Prophet: "Ajwa from Paradise and has a cure with poison." Ajwa is grown in the general city, but the best known and finest types are what is planted in the high groves of the city, which is the area south of the city next to the Quba Mosque.