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Golden Dates Ajwa Aliyah Medina, Saudi Arabia ( 1kg/500g/250g )
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Ajwa date is a celebrated assortment of dates, grown exclusively in Medina, Saudi Arabia. Ranging from a dark brown to almost black color, these dates are delightfully soft and fruity with a prune-like taste and tend to be of a dry variety.

Ajwa dates or Ajwa khajoor is filled with vital nutrients and minerals which help our body to grow, heal and function normally. The nutritional value of Ajwa dates is a great health benefit. The nutrition in Ajwa dates contains potassium which is very useful for our life and vital for our heart. It also contains magnesium which helps to keep our heart rhythm steady and keeps our bones strong.

Ajwa dates contain a high percentage of carbohydrates,15 salts and minerals, 14 types of fatty acids, 23 amino acids, six vitamins, and many dietary fibers. Ajwa dates also contain calcium which is good for bone and teeth and is also useful for nerve signal transmission. Eating Ajwa dates on a regular basis can prevent calcium deficiency.

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If somebody takes seven Ajwa dates in the morning, neither magic nor poison will hurt him that day.

[SAHIH BUKHARI, BOOK #71, HADITH #664 (ALSO 663, 672)]
The Messenger (Sallallaahu Álayhi Wasallam) also said:

Ajwa dates are from paradise.


1- Dates are considered as a natural resource for nutrition, it provides the body with a high percentage of proteins, minerals and vitamins e.g. Vitamin A, B1, B2 and BB which are constructive ingredients for building up the body tissues and muscles.

2- Dales also help in pregnant womens delivery; it activates the womb muscles in the months of pregnancy and helps in the womb movement at the time of delivery as well dates minimize the post-natal blooding.

3- Dates help in healing the liver from many parasitic diseases and good medicine for hepatitis and it contains vitamins B2.

4- Dates vitalize the ageing so it delays the ageing elements and it provides immunity against brain and body tiredness.

5- Dates are easy to digest, stimulate the urine, clean the kidneys and useful to the liver

6- Dates are a good appetizer. Dates are the perfect natural snack