AL-KBOUS Fine Black Tea 25 bag Fine Black Tea Alkabous شاي الكبوس
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Size (L x W x H) 10 cm x 15 cm x 10 cm
Al-Kbous Group established in 1988 the first factory in Yemen for packing and packing tea equipped with the latest and finest machines and modern technological equipment. Al-Kbous Group has made a commitment since its founding to commit to apply the concept of total quality and full service to all its customers and consumers of products inside Yemen It started its factory and took out its first production to begin offering it to consumers through its wide distribution network, spread all over Yemen, and even exported to other countries.In the past few years, the industry (Alkbos tea) has made a clear development.1- Teabag Factory
2- A family tea factory
3 - factory for Alboakat
4- Green tea factory with its various flavors.After the increasing demand in Yemen and abroad, especially the Gulf countries, Alkboss Group decided to establish factories outside Yemen to cover the Gulf, Arab and the world market. Therefore, the group chose Saudi Arabia to start the first step. The fifth factory in the field of tea, thanks to God, and then thanks to the quality of the materials used in the packaging of tea, in addition to the strict procedures followed in the quality control, to ensure that the consumer access to high-quality products, and unparalleled value, for all this Prestigious, and achieved trust And credibility among its customers and consumers of their products; to keep (tea Alkpos) is the first your choice.